Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As i mentioned on my latest video...i will not be making videos for about a week and a half due to upcoming dance tryouts. (more updates on my vid)
With that said i want to update you a little more on tryouts....
today is tuesday and we finished learning choreography...so on thursday we'll have mocks and friday will be tryouts.
Im extremely nervous so please pray, cross you fingers or whatever...! bc i need it.
I hope all of you understand that i'm not ditching ya'll and i'm just really really nervous!
Upcoming videos are on their way though and that's about all i had to say....
Gonna go practice now

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Series

I was inspired by Michelle Phan to do a do it yourself beauty series on youtube.
So whats first on my DIY list.
lemon juice.
Lemons are found in many skin care cosmetics due to its antiseptic nature. They are a natural source used to eliminate acne. Why is this?? Mostly because lemons have a high vitamin C content which can help prevent many infections. Also the lemon is an astringent and detoxifying in nature. Why does this matter?? The acidic astringent in the lemon will help to open your pores and cleanse and detoxify the oil and dirt left in them. It's also a natual disinfectant so it will keep your face from having nasty bacteria or oil build up. Not only will lemon help with acne, using our yellow friend will help to intensify the luster of your face and make dull skin luminus and healthy looking.

So with that being said i plan on using lemon juice as a treatment to my acne for a week. I have already taken before photos of my face and then plan on posting after photos after the week is complete. If all goes well i will be making a DIY tutorial on how you can use this to get great blemish free results.

Cotton Candy Inspired Look

Hello Everyone

So i recently did a cotton candy inspired look.
It was pretty fun and i like to work with a lot of colors.
But the thing i liked most about the look was the palette i was using.
I provided the link on my video, but here it is again if you want it

the palette is great. i think i get more use out of this one than if i were to have got the eye shadows mostly because i already have tons of eyeshadows in my 108 palette. but this palette comes with blushes too which is a nice bonus and like i said more usable for me.
okay so enough with that
i've started making videos again!
but im kinda bummed because very little actually view them.
i dont see why that is because i try to be original and helpful in all my vids.

anyway thats about it if you haven't seen my channel yet visit it at